"Whether by nature or nurture, we all have a default mode. Pessimism came naturally to me. Pessimism is easy. Complaining and criticizing is easy. Expressing hope is almost rebellious. Even more challenging is to think hard and spend time finding possible solutions. I don't want to make art that is dark and angsty. Creating art is an uplifting experience and educational. My art is always vibrant and energetic, even when speaking to difficult subjects—not as a way of glossing over but as a way of leading with hope and positivity." — Andrea Gordon

The BWYB Collection: These were all painted from a limited palette, starting with only black, white, and Indian yellow. Some of the paintings include one other color—either thalo blue or alizarin. The limited palette provided a format within which to experiment. What might seem limiting to some was freeing for the artist. Gordon chose Indian yellow as the third color because of its richness and versatility. Mixed with black and white, it becomes green. On its own it can appear either yellow or gold, without looking like plastic. The Indian yellow provided versatility and opportunities for subtle contrast or rich bold statements.

Andrea Gordon lives in Denver, Colorado