Chris Krieg is an internationally known artist, muralist, and sign painter. Growing up in Oakland, California, he showed an early aptitude for painting. When outdoor billboard advertising flourished, Krieg became engrossed in the art of advertising and painting on a grand scale. Long before computer graphics, his work was done freehand. He enrolled at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design to learn the art of illustration. In 1981, he moved to NYC where he painted thousands of wall signs and was managing editor and photographer of Trucks Magazine, a publication he co-created. After moving to Colorado, he returned to billboard painting. In 1999, he was celebrated on the front cover of the Denver Post, which acknowledged his craft and excellence.

Krieg’s art ranges from gracing skyscrapers, murals on the sides of buildings, canvases of all sizes, and a wide assortment of eclectic materials. Most of his artwork is created using fine ground oils and enamels. Some are watercolors, while others have distinct combinations of materials and color. Each piece is unique, evoking emotion and prompting conversation. One such masterpiece is The Climber on the Tower Colorado.

Chris Krieg lives in Evergreen, Colorado.