Gail Gardner grew up in St. Charles, Minnesota. An award winning international photographer, she discovered a passion for watercolor painting after attending art classes early in her retirement. Gardner is a member of the Colorado Watercolor Society. Her obsession with art keeps her awake at night. "I have two hundred paintings inside of me, and they are fighting to see which one will get out first." — Gail Gardner 

Gardner’s art is inspired by her extensive global travels, in particular by the islands of Hawaii. The theme of her work mostly reflects fauna and flora. In this sea series, the artist explores a variety of techniques. Using woven fabrics and watercolors, she creates a paradoxical scene of a wave, suggesting an aerial topographical view while also offering an immersive experience. Gardner applies adjacent colors to build contrasting values lending a feel of airiness and movement to the water.

Gail Gardner lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.