A writer and painter living in Grass Valley, CA, Therese Wolfe finds that these creative modes of expression organize within her a symbiotic relationship that is both advantageous and deeply satisfying to each discipline.

She grew up drawing beside her mother, a painter and a sculptor who had emigrated from Egypt in 1946. Wolfe studied in ateliers across the USA and in the Italian regions of Umbria, Tuscany, and Puglia. She works primarily in oil and with the human figure. Although her aesthetic is tied perennially to Italy, her most tangible influences are the German and abstract expressionists. She seeks to create not so much a journalistic expression of so-called realism, but rather zones of indeterminacy with regard to meaning, possession, and significance. Her figures bypass labels, and the viewer is confronted with what might be called soul. She enjoys interplays between form and color, relationship between light, shadow and texture. Following a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, she finds the study and practice of painting to be an art of pure movement and of innate balance. It is a liberating force and an extension of her native health and verve.