"My paintings are abstract emotional postcards from me addressed to you. When you look at them, I would like you to imagine that in each painting, we are together in a place and in a moment that we cannot share in any way except through art." — Emmanuelle Auzias

Born in Marseille, France, in a Corsican-Swiss family, Emmanuelle Auzias has spent her life conversing between cultures. In 2012, she moved to Colorado with her family. Adapting to cultural differences and language barriers furthered her desire to communicate with others through art.

An abstract expressionist painter, Auzias chooses colors and textures that express personal emotions and observations. Her work triggers a recall of similar feelings and an ensuing genuine conversation. She uses acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite, pastel, oil stick, ink and rice paper, and occasionally oil paints. Auzias is inspired by emotions felt in surrounding environments, such as scents of a forest, aromas of street-side cafés, the feeling of sand on skin, or the light of southern France. Creating art in multi-layers enables Auzias to carve secret paths to her inner world which are mirrored in what appears from the depth of the painting. She enjoys the process of her markings emerging layer after layer bottom to top, and finding a balance between quietness and chaos.