Born at the foot of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, Walter Spring was the youngest of ten. He grew up in an artistic family of singers, poets, writers, actors, and painters. Living on a farm, he developed a passion for nature and became a keen observant of its seasonal changes. A humanist and an altruist, Spring opened his home and luscious gardens to everyone and anyone. Always ready for an adventure and travel, young Spring was one of the pioneering skiers of the Kleine Scheidegg and the Männlichen at the foot of the Eiger. In his late twenties, he moved to the city to pursue a career in the medical field, and it was during those long night shifts that he explored painting.

Inspired exclusively by nature, Spring painted what he felt. The strokes and colors are delicate as his intentions were to let nature speak for itself. His use of mixed gouache and watercolors lend a delicate yet deeply rooted perspective to his landscapes. He wished to express through his work the sense of peacefulness and safety which derives from nature. Spring’s sceneries have the ability to respond to our yearnings for a gentler time. 

Spring died in 2014 at the age of 100.